Credit: Alison E Grasso/YouTube

Baking bread may not seem like the most exciting action to hit your kitchen, but one Icelandic man is taking it up a notch by using the earth as his oven to bake “Volcano bread.”

As reported by Huffington Post, Viktor Sveinsson bakes a type of bread — Iceland rye bread, or “volcano bread” — with the heat from the natural hot springs in Laugarvatn, Iceland.

A specific ground temperature is not required, but Sveinsson notes that the bread itself is heated to approximately 100 degrees Celsius (that’s 212 degrees Fahrenheit).

Going the unconventional route and using the earth as his oven, Sveinsson may have found a way to make baking that much more exciting.

Though it takes a longer time to bake than when using a conventional oven (the bread has to be baked for over 24 hours using this method), the results are worth it. Being left with delicious Volcano bread straight from the earth is enough to convince anyone to give this a try.