Rachel Charlene Lewis
December 11, 2016 9:37 pm

There are a variety of reasons that people choose to go meat-free, whether they’re going meatless 24/7 or just some of the time. But it can definitely be hard to have a more plant-based diet if you live somewhere where the cost of living is higher, making it a bit more difficult to squeeze fruits and veggies into your budget. Plus, between hectic schedules and straight up exhaustion, it can be hard to convince yourself to start cooking at home. Luckily, one Instagrammer is dedicated to making it a little easier to go meatless.

Meet Shannon Alexis, aka @meatlessinnewyork, a self-proclaimed “ethical vegan and mango addict” who decided to go meatless. Her recipes are honestly so delicious that you’ll go meatless more often without even trying! Whether you want to go meatless once a week or want to kick the habit completely, we’ve got you covered with this variety of sometime simple, sometimes more complex, all yummy meat-free recipes.

1. This avocado toast with a side of tofu scramble

2. This sushi with cucumber, carrots and avocado

3. This green smoothie bowl topped with hemp seed granola

4. This chickpea curry with a side of streamed broccoli and some spinach underneath

5. These tofu scramble tacos topped with salsa and avocados and a side of fruit

6. And this tofu scramble on toast with a side of roasted potatoes and raspberries

7. This steamed broccoli and carrots with lime juice, salt and pepper

8. These soy chorizo tacos topped with rice, lettuce, tomato, corn, salsa and guac

Honestly, we already know we wouldn’t even notice anything was missing from these ah-mazing dishes! We seriously need to step up our cooking game. Can’t wait to try these out!