Trilby Beresford
February 01, 2017 8:54 am
Facebook/Mike Rowe

Among all the cookies that exist in this world, Girl Scout cookies are not usually the most sought after for their actual taste — but they do benefit the community and help support life-changing adventures for girls (plus, we just kinda love ’em).

And this girl scout’s brutally honest reviews of girl scout cookies lead to her selling over 15,000 boxes!

Usually sales pitches give an abundance of wildly exaggerated praise for whatever the product is, but 11-year-old Charlotte McCourt went the opposite route with her girl scout cookies pitch. In an effort to encourage more customers to donate to the U.S. military, she emailed her dad’s wealthy friend from high school and rated the cookie flavors on a scale of 1-10.

“[Do-Si-Dos] are “a five for its unoriginality and its blandness,” she offered.Hey, she even rated a cookie that she hadn’t tried! “If you have a wild sense of adventure, try the S’mores. Full disclosure, I have not tried the S’mores so I cannot rate it in good conscience.” Kudos to you, girl!

via giphyShe went on to describe the Toffee-Tastic cookies as “flavorless” and Trefoil cookies as “kind of boring.” And shortly after, the whole thing went viral. Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe (who is friends with Charlotte’s dad) even shared the genius letter on Facebook. He couldn’t stop laughing, and neither can we.

It’s amazing that the simple act of being honest about a product gained such a positive response! Honesty should always be the best policy, but it really worked wonders here. In the words of Charlotte herself, she chose to review the cookies like this because, “I love being honest with my clients.”

Guys, there’s a future #LADYBOSS among us. Wait till you hear her talk about her amazing sales!

And if you’re wondering how many boxes the wealthy guy went for…he bought 25 boxes. Slam dunk! Good on you, Charlotte. We don’t get this kind of news very often, but it’s freaking inspiring — no matter what you’re selling or doing.