Credit: Heather Marie/Instagram

Right now, we’re all about the body positive movement that is sweeping the nation — and our Instagram feeds. A day doesn’t go by where we don’t see some sort of strong, inspirational post about what it means to truly love and embrace your body down to every last curve.

And that’s why we’re loving fitness blogger Heather Marie‘s latest post. She shared three side-by-side pictures, showing us a before, middle, and after. But this isn’t any sort of transformation post. Nope, it’s simply a post showing how her body changes over the course of the day, and we’re loving it.

After an early morning workout, girl knew she didn’t have to sweat enjoying some simple carbs.

“If you love your body and treat it right, it will repay the favor,” she says, and we want to paint this across our bathroom wall, in pretty calligraphy. “You can be as bloated as ever, and can wake up the next day feeling lean and Fit. One meal. It’s just one meal. Does it suck to lose that definition and feel super distended (and for me, waddle like a penguin)? Yes! But memories > diets.”

We know from Heather that if we work hard and focus on enjoying life as much as we do our #goals, a little late-night bloat ain’t gonna derail us. And as Heather says, “One meal. It’s just one meal.

So, who wants to go get some sushi?