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There’s not a lot of things in life that are better than pizza. So, that’s why we’re totally in awe of JP Lambiase and his wife Julia, who created the largest piece of pizza we’ve ever seen. And not only is it huge, but it looks incredibly tasty.

The pair run a YouTube channel called HellthyJunkFood and have tackled topics like gigantic Egg McMuffins and Oreo Tacos. (Yes, you read that right.) In their videos, they usually include a recipe, so that you can create the food yourself at home.

That said, most people typically don’t have a gigantic pizza oven at home. Which is why the HellthyJunkFood team partnered up with Lazy Moon pizzeria in Orlando.

Not only does this video go behind the scenes on how pizza is made (tossing, saucing, folding, and shelfing are all part of it) but it shows Julia’s attempt to make the biggest slice possible.

And it’s pretty big.


Like, we don’t know how other pizzas can compare.


Anyone else really hungry right now?

While we don’t think a pizza slice this massive would fall under normal standards as far as cost and calories are concerned, we’re so excited that the pair even thought of making this a reality.