Karen Belz
March 27, 2017 9:28 am
freestocks.org / Unsplash

We totally dig the makeup-free movement, but after hearing about a Tokyo cafe that won’t hire women who wear makeup, we’re a little mystified. After all, while it’s lovely to be natural and work with what you’re given, makeup is also a lot of fun. And for many of us, it’s how we express ourselves.

The cafe in question, named Naturalia, says that women who smoke and wear makeup won’t be hired. The reason why? Well, according to the owner, there wasn’t a cafe in town where women looked “plain and ordinary,” and they felt the need to create one of the first that had a “natural” vibe. Hence, Naturalia.

The concept has become so popular that the store is opening another branch after just two years of business.

Even better for them, the money to open this location was successfully raised due to crowdfunding.

We have to admit — the food looks delicious. But, we can’t help but think that we might be unfairly judged if we ever visited.

Women with “flashy” manicures and women who dye their hair blonde are also not considered for hire, according to their website.

In fact, translated from the site, the owner states the following:

Yet, then they go on to say that “a flashy girl is not good,” which raises a few red flags.

While we’re all about a place where we might not need to get dolled up, we do think that these employment standards are a little ridiculous. They still promote having a certain “look” to be hired, which is always disheartening. No matter how it’s worded, the failure for job consideration based on what you look like instead of the skills you bring to the table? Just a little too harsh for us.

Granted, themed cafes are pretty much all the rage, and new concepts are constantly being created. While we do admire the fact that this place is exploring something new, we’re not sure we dig the message it’s sending.