Sammy Nickalls
Updated Jun 03, 2015 @ 10:44 am

Moving to a new city can be totally stressful, especially if you don’t know anybody. So how do you make friends in a brand new territory? Some people hit up local bars and restaurants and try to start up a good chat; others get to know new co-workers. But Phil Ferguson decided to take a totally new approach to befriending when he moved to Melbourne, Australia: he started making wearable conversation pieces. That is, crocheted hats that look like foods.

Phil, a textile artist, took almost three months making a burger hat to wear at his workplace (a burger shop, naturally), and decided to keep on rolling with it. “I just kept getting inspired by [food] as like, a theme . . . because everybody loved it,” Phil, pictured (hatless…well, food-hatless) below, told the BBC in an interview, “and I guess that’s why I keep doing food, because it is such a popular thing, and a popular theme.”

No wonder it’s popular! Phil crochets the most BRILLIANT hats, takes a picture of himself wearing the hat (as well as a hysterically sad expression on his face) and posts them to his Instagram, ChilliPhilly. And seriously, we want to buy all of them.

Phil keeps on getting inspiration by living in Melbourne, he says. “I guess I’m always around food, being in Melbourne . . . I can see something, and I can imagine making that into a hat, straight away,” he told BBC.

We are in love, not only with Phil’s whimsical adorableness, but with his hats! Check them out:

If you’re as seriously addicted to coffee as we are, this is a must:

We wish we had this hat so we could wear it to our next sushi outing:

This hat. . .

. . . would pair well with this hat:

Extra pickles, plz:

Thanks for putting a smile on our face, Phil. . . and PLEASE consider selling these hats, because we’d totally buy them all!

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