Daryl Lindsey
Updated Mar 29, 2017 @ 6:04 pm

Is there anything better than a crunchy, doughy, sweet, fresh churro? We’re here to tell you that there IS something better, and it’s a churro covered in rainbow-colored sugar.

Churro shop The Loop, from Westminster, California, is already famous for its yummy loop-shaped churros and trendy branding. The unbelievably-pretty rainbow churro is their latest creation, available for a limited time out of their shop.

Customers can purchase churros to eat on their own — or if they’re feeling really ~fancy~, order the churro as a huge, circular topping for soft-serve ice cream.

Is your mind blown yet? OUR MINDS ARE TOTALLY BLOWN.

The Loop has made other insta-worthy creations in the past, such as fruity pebbles-covered, sprinkles-covered, and chocolate-covered churros. On Valentine’s day, they even made hearts out of the churro loops, coating them in red sugar and using them as toppings for soft-serve vanilla ice cream with red sprinkles!

Are you hungry yet?