Get ready to go nuts for “glonuts.” They are — you guessed it — donuts that glow in the dark. It’s probably safe to say that we’ve reached peak culinary innovation with this one. Can it get any better than this?!

Even though National Donut Day came and went faster than you could say “maple bar,” this latest donut invention is worth celebrating — even if that means going all the way to Australia, because yes, that’s where the glonuts live.

Just look at those spooky-but-delicious babies!

The bakery that created these confections is called Black Star Pastry, and its signature neon icing is — get this — not made from artificial ingredients.

How can it be?! It sounds too good to be true that this frosting does not cause cancer:

The man behind the mystery, Christopher Thé, who owns Black Star Pastry, told the Daily Mail, “We would never create anything that was unnatural, even if it was a great idea.” Instead, he uses yuzu glaze, which naturally glows from vitamin B. You can even make it at home.

The donuts are available at Sydney’s Vivid Festival, which is “a festival of light, music and ideas,” but we’re hoping that the trend lasts beyond the festival’s June 17th close. Here’s one last look because it’s just so COOL!

They are truly a feast for the eyes. We glow-up for glonuts.