Natalia Lusinski
August 20, 2017 12:51 pm

We are all about our lattes, and now, just in time for fall, the matte black latte is here, reported Mashable. Yes, you may be wondering what exactly this means — aren’t lattes usually light-colored?! — and we’ll explain. First of all, it’s non-dairy, which means more people with dairy restrictions can drink it, too. As for what’s in it, it’s a combo of coconut ash, almond milk, espresso, 98 percent Dutch process cacao, and a coconut cream and marzipan topping. Okay, our mouths are definitely watering. How about yours?!

You may be curious — what is coconut ash? It’s a kind of activated charcoal; hence, the drink’s black color. Plus, it makes it fun and unique, which makes it that much more delicious.

Again: YUM. So where can we get our mouths on this drink?! It’s at Round K, a Korean coffee place in New York. Yup, this means one thing if you’re not already there — road trip! Here are some photos of the matte black latte that we’ll be sipping on sooner rather than later.

When they say “matte black,” they mean “matte black”!

It looks so frothy.

And if Darth Vader is a fan…

…then how can we refuse to try it for ourselves? The (matte black latte) Force is with us, amirite?

We’ll cheers to that!

After looking at all those photos, we’d better start planning our road trip to NYC to get a matte black latte for ourselves, so brb!