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thanksgiving dinner
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Science says that scents are directly related to memories. For example, one can smell a certain perfume and instantly be reminded of Spring Break 2012 in Cancun. Then again, some scents simply remind you of a season or holiday. With Thanksgiving only weeks away, why not start the celebration early by burning some Thanksgiving-scented candles, reminiscent of smells the holiday ~brings to the table~? And thanks to the internet, one can acquire quite the arsenal of Thanksgiving-related scents to set the mood for the upcoming food bonanza, and whet your appetite.

Let’s start with dessert first. Listed below are some of the yummiest candles we could find that will surely please any sweet-tooth.

1. Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie is like Christmas without presents.

Credit: SoapForYourSoul / www.etsy.com

This “Traditional Pumpkin”-scented candle from SoapFromYourSoul on Etsy smells “just like a pumpkin pie out of the oven. Not too sweet, with just enough spice.” And because it’s a soy candle, the burn time is approximately 50 hours. That’s like eating five pies in one sitting when you think about it.

2. This next scent will make you fondly remember Uncle Jerry yelling from the head of the table, “Hey Junior! Pass the cranberry sauce!”

Credit: Weird Beard Candle Co. / www.etsy.com

Weird Beard Candle Co.’s “Cranberry Apple” soy candle is “a festive blend of crisp apples, peaches, oranges, spiced cranberries and cinnamon. Middle notes of black currant, cassis, clove, and vanilla spice add a sense of warmth to this delightfully cozy fragrance.” We’re buying this candle solely for the packaging, TBH.

3. “Hazelnut Coffee” from Dawn Candle Worx’s Etsy shop offers, “the aroma of Coffee beans combined with creamy Vanilla with a base note of Hazelnuts.”

Credit: Dawn Candle Worx / www.etsy.com

Whether you enjoy your coffee in the morning while wrestling with the bird, or after dinner while the taper candles flicker out amongst the array of half-eaten pies, this soy candle will make crave a cup a hot cup of Thanksgiving joe.

4. Now, onto the spicy and savory part of our meal, because what’s Thanksgiving without turkey and potatoes? And yes, there are in fact candles out there scented like turkey and potatoes.

Credit: Yankee Candle

For example, the discontinued Yankee Candle collector’s scent, “Turkey & Stuffing,” can only be found now on Ebay and Amazon, but nonetheless, it can be found. For some customers on Amazon, the candle reminded them of “a lovely roast dinner.” But for others, the smell was “horrible.”

Buy it here for $19.95 to draw your own conclusion.

5. For all of you who like a hearty glass of wine to wash down your Thanksgiving meal, we have “Sundrenched Vineyard” from Big Whiff Candle Company.

Credit: Big Whiff Candle Co. / www.etsy.com

This candle is “like having a delicious glass of Merlot in one hand and a glass of Chardonnay in the other.” The sweet grape scent, paired with a hint of aged oak and citrus peel will really hit the spot after a long day trying to find “Turkey & Stuffing” on Ebay.

6. Mix a little savory in with a little sweet and you have “Harvest” from Yankee Candle.

Credit: Yankee Candle

The website describes it as, “a blend of cinnamon, cloves, and musk with a hint of sweet apples and pumpkin.” This candle smells like the whole dinner piled into one tumbler – but in a really good, not a really gross, way.

7. Finally, let’s set the ambiance with some fragrances that remind us of where we celebrate Thanksgiving. Hey, not everything is about food!

Credit: UrbanChaos / www.etsy.com

Although families usually start their feasts in the afternoon, if you’re doing it right, you’re eating your way well into the evening. “Autumn Leaves” by UrbanChaos on Etsy embodies a November evening’s “intoxicating scent, reminiscent of walking through crisp leaves freshly fallen on the ground.” With “Golden Aspen, Cedarwood, and Colorado Pine,” we think this scent is the equivalent to taking an evening stroll after indulging too hard in “Sundrenched Vineyard.”

8. You love to sit in your dad or grandpa’s favorite chair anytime you come home. It reminds you of them, and you know it gets under their skin when you steal their coveted snoozing spot. With this in mind…

Credit: BubbleandSpark / www.etsy.com

Try the luxurious scent of the masculine but sweet, “Chocolate & Leather” by BubbleandSpark on Etsy, to think about that chair and being home with the ones you love to tease. “Chocolate and leather come together in a unique blend, grounded by the earthy tones of cedar, and rounded out by a dash of smooth amber,” according to BubbleandSpark.

9. Last, but certainly not least, is “Dream by the Fire” from Yankee Candle’s “Winter Wonderland Collection.”

Credit: Yankee Candle

Although this scent is more frequently bought during the winter season, who would pass up the smell of a crackling fire in the hearth on a chilly November night? Not us! This scent is “made for snuggling and sharing dreams.”

We are thankful this Thanksgiving for scented candles. With all these scents, honestly who needs Thanksgiving dinner? We’re totally kidding. Come on, there’s no way we would pass up a fantastic meal with even more fantastic people. Pick up a couple of these before the holiday hits to prep your tastebuds and get your mouths watering. Happy Thanksgiving!