Kenya Foy
November 22, 2016 1:10 pm
How To Drink/

With Thanksgiving bearing down on us with relentless holiday fervor, there’s still time to add yet another festive drink offering to the dinner menu. Oh, what the hell: We’re two days (and counting) away from turkey time, so feel free to whip up this yummy-looking Thanksgiving cobbler cocktail we spotted at How to Drink and drain the glass before anyone else asks for a sip.

Wait — that sounded extremely greedy. Actually, what we meant to say is that we wouldn’t want a Thanksgiving dinner hostess to debut what is sure to become a favorite Thanksgiving cocktail recipe without sampling it first.

That’s exactly how we plan to enjoy this drink, but first let’s get to the recipe for the fancy-sounding Imperial Cranberry Cobbler. You’ll need cognac, simple syrup, cranberries, champagne (aka, magic in a bottle) and rosemary for garnishing to produce the prettiest drink ever:

That looks amazing, doesn’t it? So, we may or may not be in the process of making an entire pitcher of this drink as we speak. #sorrynotsorry