Teavana tea
Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

If tea is your…well, cup of tea…we have some sad news to share with you. Starbucks is shutting down all of its Teavana stores nationwide, which means no more free samples of delicious tea while walking through the mall.

The company announced last week that all 379 stores will be shut down by spring of 2018. The majority of Teavana stores are located in malls, and the stores have been struggling for a while due to the dwindling amount of foot traffic malls receive.

As you probably already know, more and more people choose to shop online, rather than go to malls — which is great for the consumer, but not great for malls.

The company says that the 3,300 Teavana employees impacted by the closures will have the opportunity to apply at Starbucks stores. And there certainly are plenty of Starbucks stores to go around. According to CNN Money, the company continues to grow regularly, with one Starbucks store opening every single day.

That’s a lot of coffee, and fortunately, a lot of tea.

Starbucks will continue to sell Teavana at its stores. So even though you won’t be able to nab a free sample in the mall anymore (if you even still go to the mall), you’ll at least be able to get your favorite tea on every corner.