Kit Steinkellner
July 07, 2014 12:23 pm

I hope everyone had an awesome-times Fourth of July weekend. I know for sure Our Lady of Break-Up Anthems Taylor Swift killed it this party weekend by inviting 15 of her best gal pals (a guest list that included fancy-pants names like Lena Dunham, Emma Stone, and Jaime King) to her huge-ass house in Rhode Island for all sorts of Fourth-themed amazingness, like pie-baking, playing in the water, and hanging on fancy boats. Tay basically threw a sleepover of “Great Gatsby”-proportions, which makes me think girl is probably the current queen of hostessing and a generally awesome friend to have on your team. I make my case based on photographic evidence of fun times below:

1.) Best. Party. House. Ever.

You don’t have to have a tricked-out crib to be the coolest girl in town, everyone knows that no amount of money can buy you an awesome personality BUT BUT BUT if you happen to be a girl with an awesome personality who ALSO has a $17 million dollar beachfront property party house, I mean, that’s a plus. I know, it’s so shallow, but just look at that Barbie Dream House, I just can’t help but be seduced by all that square footage. But really, this isn’t about the house, it’s about the fact that Swift’s way generous with it. She’s always opening her doors to her friends and spreading the love around. In Pre-K terms: She’s a good sharer. And that makes for a great friend at any age.

2.) She Will Make You Treats!

There was SO much baking happening this 4th of July, and it all looked Martha Stewart amaze. Check out what she Instagrammed. This is making me too hungry, I have to go find an entire pie to eat, stat.

3.) She’s Got The “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade” Philosophy Down Cold

So usually when rain interferes with my planned outdoor excursions I go inside and read a book and glare at the stormy sky from time to time. When Swift’s party got rained on, she just pulled out the Slip-N-Slide. I have so much to learn from you, Master Swift.

4.) She Brings All Her Cool Friends Together So They Can Be Friends With Each Other

I LOVE girls who matchmake friendships and TSwift seems to be exactly the kind of girl who wants all her besties to be besties with each other. Also, look, the boys got to crash for a little bit too.

5.) At a TaySwift Party, Everyone Gets To Wear Their Comfies

Yes, this is a star-studded affair but it seems like everyone left their couture at home and spent the weekend in their comfy clothes, which earns this party a big old “HELLS to the YES.”

6.) At The “Taystate” There Is ALWAYS Proper Photographic Documentation

You know what always sucks a little bit? When you go to a party and you look great and everyone else looks great too and together you have the best time ever but everyone forgets to snap Instas and so you have nothing to show your kids years down the line when you’re trying to convince your offspring that once YOU WERE COOL TOO, YOU PROMISE, YOU SWEAR.

At a Swift bash, seemingly everyone is an A+ amateur photographer and totally has your Insta back.

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