Rachel Paige
Updated April 29, 2015

The taco of the future is here, and it comes to us via Fritos. Taco Bell has started slowly testing a new variation on their taco shell, and yes, it’s a Fritos shell, (in both original and chili cheese flavors.) [Insert Homer Simpson salivating noise here.] So whether you think this is the best news you’ve ever heard, or the most disturbing, your late night cravings for tacos will never be the same.

This news is just the latest Taco Bell taco shell variation, following in the footsteps of the Doritos shell before it. When the Doritos shell started popping up in Taco Bells across the country, it was sheer taco pandemonium. The Doritos Locos Taco was first introduced in 2012, and it now holds the title of Taco Bell’s most popular menu item of all time. According to Business Insider, in 10 weeks alone, The Doritos Locos Taco sold 100 million tacos. Do you realize how many tacos that is?? As Taco Bell now loves to boast, it took McDonald’s 18 years to sell 100 million burgers.

Clearly the Doritos Locos Taco was a hit. So will this Fritos taco face the same fate? Could Taco Bell be looking at another 100 million tacos?

The new menu item has slowly started popping up at different Taco Bells. A Reddit user already spotted the new taco in Memphis, and according to him, the shell is a little bit thicker than normal, and it really DOES taste like a bag o’ Fritos! Phew. We can rest easy.

If you don’t happen to be anywhere near Memphis, are you in Michigan? Because supposedly, there’s a new Fritos burrito there, including a Chili Fritos Burrito and a Cheesy Jalapeño Fritos Burrito.

More than likely we’ll start seeing these Fritos tacos and burritos roll out across the rest of the country in the coming months. Even though the sign says “limited time,” you can bet that these Fritos meals will stick around if they’re as much of a hit as the Doritos phenomenon. But more importantly, are you excited for this new taco variation? Shall we try to help Taco Bell hit their 100 million tacos mark again? Also, is “100 million tacos” a great name for a book we’d all read or what?

Image via here, here and here.