Natalia Lusinski
Updated Apr 10, 2017 @ 11:56 am

We thought all of our Taco Bell dreams had already come true, but it turns out they hadn’t. Now, Taco Bell’s using a fried egg as a taco shell, reported Brit + Co. Our only questions: WHEN AND WHERE CAN WE GET ONE?! Whether you don’t eat gluten or are cutting carbs, this egg taco shell can be the answer to your low-carb diet. Naturally, it’s part of Taco Bell’s breakfast menu, and it’s called the Naked Breakfast Taco.

What’s inside the egg shell? Other breakfast-y deliciousness, like potatoes, sausage or bacon, nacho cheese, and shredded cheddar cheese. They complete the Naked Breakfast Taco — which no longer sounds that naked with all those ingredients!

Again, we’d love to try one!


If an egg taco shell is not your thing, you can skip it and get a gordita flatbread instead. But where’s the fun in that?!

We’ll try the Naked Breakfast Taco as is, egg taco shell and all!

However, we can’t get our hands — or mouths! — on the Naked Breakfast Tacos just yet…unless you’re at a Taco Bell in or near Flint, MI. It’ll be tested there beginning April 18th, reported Teen Vogue.

And, ICYMI, Taco Bell ~has~ tried adding “Naked” items to its menu before. Does anyone remember the Naked Chicken Chalupa? Out this year, and also gone this year.

What happened to the poor Chalupa?

We hope so — it was goooood! We also hope the Naked Breakfast Taco rolls out to more cities sooner rather than later. Speaking of tacos, now we have to make a Taco Bell run. Brb!