Daryl Lindsey
February 23, 2017 11:03 am

Sushi and donuts might sound like a weird combination, but believe it or not, sushi donuts are social media’s latest foodie trend.

Sometimes food trends can be too out there or too junky to become diet staples, but sushi donuts look like something we would actually want to eat as often as we could.

California-based sushi joint Project Poke posted a video to Instagram to show how it’s done. Their recent feature on Insider helped the restaurant – and the sushi donut itself – rise in popularity.

The only thing sushi donuts and actual, regular donuts have in common are their hole-in-the-middle shape.

The colorful creations are made by packing sushi rice (and a filling of choice, from crab to avocado) into donut forms, then layering colorful fresh fish on top.

Essentially, it’s a more-Instagrammable sushi roll, and we are totally on board. Keep an eye out, it could be headed to a sushi restaurant near you.