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Jonathan Massaad is only 17 years old, and he’s already turned his passion into a profession. Did we mention we share the same passion? Desserts. Jonathan makes sweet treats so dreamy he’s amassed over 20,000 followers on Instagram by posting photos of his kitchen creations.

At 11 years old, Jonathan, who’s based in Australia, started baking using a bag of cake mix (a.k.a. how most of us make cake). “I would always buy Betty Crocker cake mixes and use some of my favorite chocolates to decorate,” Jonathan told HelloGiggles. “This passion has always lived as a hobby until I established Sugar High Desserts around a year and a half ago and the results have been overwhelmingly surprising.”

Sugar High Desserts takes traditional and iconic treats, then puts unique spin on them. Last year, the teen’s career was jumpstarted when an event stylist named Mary Nehme caught wind of his talent and started ordering his desserts for her own functions. “She opened doors for him and after that he went crazy,” Jonathan’s aunt and business partner, Gladys Daoud, told Good Food.

Gladys manages the business end, working the phones and answering corporate emails while Jonathan balances baking and school. Oh, and posting his exquisite creations on Instagram.

Consider his chocolate cakes that look like delectable bags stuffed with edible jewels.

Then there’s his Sugar High Galaxy Cake, a tower of chocolate covered in candied popcorn and topped with a frosted pink donut. Drool.

And let’s not forget his ultra popular fudge pops that don’t melt in the heat, and his Cornetto bites based on the popular ice cream.

Oh just some bubble-gum-flavored pops balancing on sprinkled donuts. NBD.

His creations are not only delicious, but whimsical, beautiful, and take us all back to the days of being a kid.

“Essentially, inspiration strikes from the confectionary and chocolate aisle at Woolworths,” he told HG. “I am always searching to find new products or iconic chocolates/lollies and transform them into different forms of desserts. I always take my business name ‘Sugar High’ into consideration and ask myself ‘Is this Sugar High?'”

He also has made stellar cakes that completely blow us away with their complexity. “My favorite cake is probably my Copper cake collaboration with @cakesbycliff, or my trio 20k cakes that I created with @paperplayground,” Jonathan told us.

One of his other personal faves? His s’mores cups.

At the moment, Jonathan offers pickup and delivery services to anywhere from six to 12 clients over the weekend. But clearly, Sugar High Desserts is going to be gaining WAY more clients than 12. So what’s next for Jonathan? Short term, he’s working on a gummy bear recreation, which sounds unreal. And long-term, Jonathan’s got it all figured out.

“As I am currently studying Year 11 at high school, I will continue to cater for private events and corporate events for the next few years while I finish high school and my first few years in university hoping to do a business course,” he told HG. “Once I am in my final year of university, I hope to open my first patisserie/cafe! I really do want to open a cafe before the age of 21!”

But even though he has huge goals set for himself for the future, he’s still taking note of how much he’s done in such a short amount of time. “I feel so proud to have accomplished so much already at the age of 17 and cant wait for what my career brings me,” Jonathan told us.

You should feel proud, Jonathan! We love seeing teens going after their passions and totally nailing it. Also can you come bake for us? Please and thank you.

(Images via Instagram.)