Move over, pretty pink roses! People are piping succulents onto cakes, and it is seriously jaw-dropping.

Succulent cakes, also known as terrarium cakes, are the new floral dessert trend taking over Instagram (with good reason!)

When conjuring the image of a gorgeous cake, more traditional icing flowers like roses, hydrangeas, and peonies might come to mind — but succulents and cacti offer a refreshing, desert-themed twist on a typical floral confection.

These cakes can open up a whole new world of creativity, especially when it comes to color: The dusky, desert pastel greens, light blues, and dusty pinks are truly stunning.

I mean, COME ON:

Some bakers even accompany their icing succulents with cookie crumb “sand” to finish off the desert theme.

*heavy breathing*

*pins to secret wedding Pinterest board aggressively*

So whether you’re having a bohemian desert wedding or need a gift for a friend with a green thumb, this cake is definitely what you’ve been looking for.