If Toy Story taught me anything, it’s that my stuffed animals are living a life of their own when I’m not looking. Do you ever wonder what it is they get up to while you’re away? Well, now you don’t have to wonder. Japan has opened up a café just for stuffed animals, where they’re given meals, invited to play games, and even provided a bed to sleep in before being mailed back to their owner with a souvenir and pictures documenting their time away. We’re serious.

Opening on July 28th, Yawarakan’s Café in Tokyo promises a night of fun and games for your beloved toy. If you’re wondering how this works, it’s exactly what it sounds like. For 4,968 yen, or about $40, you can purchase an overnight package for your stuffed animal. Then, just overnight them to the café in the mail, and your toy is in for an adventure. Here are some of the things they get up to (written in Japanese . . . sorry):

After your toy’s wild night out, they’re sent back to you along with the café’s signature sugar cubes and a little booklet documenting their trip:

According to Rocket News 24, “The restaurant’s owners claim that 85 percent of adult women in Japan own a stuffed animal, and that 60 percent of those women decorate their beds with their cuddly companions.” Doesn’t sound like super scientific research but we’re rolling with it. We will agree though that these toys seem to be an important part of the culture and definitely not just for kids. Like getting a facial or taking your dog to the groomer or taking your American Girl doll to tea, this is just another form of #TreatYoSelf.

For Japanese people, and some of us as well (if we’re being honest), stuffed animals are treasured items that are worth taking care of. And hey! Maybe taking care of them means sending them off to a stuffed animal café. I know I’ll be sending my own Curious George stuffed animal over to the café, just as soon as I can get him a passport.

(Images via Facebook)