Olivia Harvey
Updated Aug 10, 2017 @ 11:00 am

You finally sealed the deal with your “will they, won’t they” of the night. But now it’s two in the morning and your stomach is growling. Your new friend turns to you — “Do you want to grab some pizza?” Could this be true love? Maybe, although a study shows that Millennials almost always get pizza after hookups.

According to a Yelp survey, three quarters of the 2,000 Millennials surveyed said pizza is their go-to post one-night stand. Pizza is casual, cheap, and a quick eat, but it can also win both of you a second date.

Yelp also reported that “46 percent of single Millennials find a fling more attractive if they are into certain foods,” and the top food they want their partner to like is a good old pizza.

If by some chance you’re in the minority and you don’t love to indulge in a slice of ‘za after a hookup (or at any time of day), tacos came in as “a distant second” for a post-one-night stand delicacy, with ice cream and pasta ranking a few percentages higher.

Interestingly enough, only one in three single Millennials actually think it’s okay to eat a meal with a one-night stand. If said meal does happen, those participants believe that meal must be takeout or delivery, so forget about that sit-down 24-hour restaurant you know around the corner.

And what’s more, if you chew that late-night pizza with your mouth open, that one-night tryst might stay a one-night deal. Yelp found in their survey that a huge turn-off is when a potential partner chews for all the world to see.

So next time you find yourself flirting with a cutie at your local hangout, make sure you know where your local late-night pizza joints are.