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Strawberry recipe photo
Credit: Margarita Koine / Getty Images

It’s June, which means it’s officially prime strawberry season — at last! So we, like everyone else on the internet, have been spending our days digging around for the best strawberry recipe online, and we’ve discovered the most popular one on Pinterest.

Ready for it?

The #1 strawberry recipe on Pinterest is… a juicy, sweet, delectable strawberries and cream cheesecake!

This cake is not only delicious, it’s gorgeous, too. The sponge itself comes out a gorgeous shade of millennial pink (thanks to a little help from strawberry extract) and it’s rimmed by perfectly piped swirls of whipped frosting.

Doesn’t that description make your mouth water? Sigh. This must be what heaven looks like.

Stunning, right? Click here to get the full recipe from Life, Love and Sugar.

Now, before you start whipping out your cake pans and piping bags, be forewarned: This cake requires some serious work.

Not only will you have to bake two different cakes (one vanilla, one ~pink~), you’ll also have to cut those cakes in half (without breaking them!) to create the confection’s layers; whip up your own cream cheese frosting, ice the cake without making a mess; and then pipe the edges, topping the whole thing off with expertly slices strawberries.

Phew! We’re kind of exhausted just thinking about it.

If you have some free time this weekend, though, this cake seems like a pretty perfect Sunday afternoon activity. Just fire up the Great British Bake-Off on Netflix, tie on your Wonder Woman apron, and… ready, set, bake!