Anna Gragert
Updated April 07, 2016
United Nurseries /

There are creations in this world we never knew we wanted. Creations that surprise us as they simultaneously make us tilt our heads and ask, “Is that really real?” Today, we’ve come across one such development: a strawberry that tastes like bubblegum. It’s called a bubbleberry.

Now we know what you’re thinking: That type of fruit must be genetically modified and filled with chemicals. But, great news: It’s not! Philip Nielsen, the man who’s currently bringing these strawberries to Australia, told Mashable Australia, “They are all strawberries and all bred from strawberries. They are done from selection, and crossing. From what I can gather, it is like any crosses. They may have gotten something that had a strong citrus flavour and kept one or two of them and then crossed it with the white one.” It actually took years for growers to make this happen.

The white color Nielsen is referring to is that of the pineberry, another strawberry crossbreed. It tastes like pineapple and displays an elegant, white outer color with red seeds peeking through. “They all taste like strawberries but when you bite into the pineberry it has a citrus taste. It is not like biting into a pineapple, it just has a hint of that taste,” Nielsen explained, adding that the Bubbleberry has “a lot of sugar in it so it has a strong taste like Hubba Bubba bubblegum.”

Nielsen first decided to import these dynamic berries when he witnessed their beauty in Europe five years ago. “They looked fabulous when we saw them over there,” said Nielsen, who works for United Nurseries. “We already grow strawberries for our company, and we just saw they were really really unique and at the end of the day we thought we need to try these.” At first, only 21 plants were imported and they included – wait for it – strasberries: a strawberry-raspberry combo! (Not a Willy Wonka creation.)

Since that time, United Nurseries has had to grow hundreds of thousands of each variety so they could be dispersed to the public. The Australian public, that is. Unfortunately, the United States does not yet have these berries, so maybe we should start a petition or something? Or, take a trip to Australia just to taste a bubbleberry?

We’re now going to start dreaming about what bubbleberry ice cream would taste like.