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When I get nervous, I eat. So you can imagine I ate up a storm when watching our favorite show Stranger Things. It looks like I am not the only one to have a sugar craving when watching television: reddit user youdevillog shared on imgur their Stranger Things inspired cupcakes, and not only are they good enough to eat—they’re works of art!

(Warning: Food references contain spoilers… never thought I’d write that.)

We particularly love the Christmas lights cupcakes in honor of frantic mother Joyce, though the Barb ones are pretty darn awesome, too. But of course they are—Barb’s the best. (And, come one, those Eggo ones for Eleven are fantastic. We know she’d approve.)

We have to hand it to reddit user Orc_of_sauron for this witty cupcake observation:

Maybe next time, Jonathan. We can’t wait to see what Stranger Things’ second season inspires youdevillog to create next!