Starbucks wastes no time when it comes to the holiday season. Before the pumpkins and spiderwebs were taken down on November 1st, Starbucks had already rolled out their heavily anticipated red cups, and with them, the delicious holiday drinks that we’ve been craving.

Starbucks made the announcement over on their twitter, simply stating:

And with that one Tweet, the holidays officially began, with caffeine fiends around the country tweeting their festive beverages:

What’s in those cups? Oh, just the best drinks in the whole wide world, like the Chestnut Praline Latte and the classic Peppermint Mocha.

I know what some of you Scrooges may be thinking: come on, isn’t it a little early? I’m not ready to give up my iced lattes! Well, don’t fear, because Starbucks has a solution to that as well. This launch also marks the first year that the coffee chain is introducing an iced beverage holiday cup, complete with little snowflakes because, Christmas!

So make sure you leave a little extra time before you head out this morning: ten minutes for waiting in line for your Starbucks order, and ten minutes for Instagramming it.

(Images via Starbucks)