We’re already thirsty! Major coffee news: Starbucks is bringing back ~molten chocolate drinks~ for Valentine’s day, because we all know V-Day is only great if you have chocolate.

This is perfect for all you chocolate lovers out there, even if you’re single and not looking for a Valentine this year. Starbucks has revealed that its molten chocolate trio — yes there are three drinks — are coming back for the holiday.

The three tasty beverages will be available for a limited time, from February 7th through February 14th, so mark your calendars now!

Which chocolatey delights are headed your way? The molten chocolate latte, frappuccino, or hot chocolate? Each one is tastier than the next and we can’t wait to drink chocolate for breakfast…literally.

Molten Chocolate Latte

This drink is the perfect fix for all the latte-obsessed coffee drinkers out there. It uses chocolate chips that are melted into the espresso. Top that off with steamed milk and mocha sauce and you’re ready for a coffee-chocolate infused day.

Molten Chocolate Frappuccino

This bad boy is like a chocolate shake, but with coffee. It combines coffee with mocha sauce and chocolate chips and blends them with milk and ice. Plus, it includes mocha and espresso-infused whipped cream on top. Yum!

Molten Hot Chocolate

Just when you thought hot cocoa couldn’t get any better, Starbucks brings you this treat. It’s a normal hot chocolate, except it adds mocha sauce, steamed milk, and chocolate chips to create its creamy taste.

In addition to the new chocolate drinks, the coffee company is releasing Valentine’s Day mugs and tumblers, as well as new dessert-inspired teas!

So, which tasty drink will you try first?