Bethany Biron
January 28, 2017 11:10 am

When we first found out Starbucks would start taking mobile orders, we were stoked. But now, it seems it transformed into a blessing and curse. While the convenient offering inspired Starbucks fans to flock to their phones to place orders on the app, it turns out the influx of digital orders is causing problems in real life.

But Starbucks is struggling to accommodate the online orders without slowing down lines.

So far, they’ve not been very successful at it. And that has caffeine fiends around the country getting impatient.

The Seattle-based coffee giant admitted the issue during its fourth quarter earnings call this week. In it, they explained it is in the process of looking for a solution, Reuters reported. As a result of the slowed lines, the company experienced reduced sales and foot traffic. They admitted it was one of its lowest performing Decembers.

Starbucks experienced similar issues when it launched its La Boulange pastries, many of which required being warmed up, also considerably slowing lines.

Coincidentally, Starbucks just began offering new bite-sized egg snacks, which also require extra preparation. Though they look so fancy and delicious!

Rest assured, the higher-ups at the coffee company are on top of this issue.

The first step is adding more baristas who are focused exclusively on mobile orders, which they plan on doing. And executives are considering integrating an alert feature to let customers know when their order is ready.

Whew, glad to know we’ll still be able to get our lattes in time to make it to work.