Cameron Glover
Updated Dec 08, 2016 @ 2:34 pm
Credit: Shutterstock

Pizza lovers, rejoice! It looks like there’s a new place where you can get your slice cravings fixed, and it’s a place that you wouldn’t expect. Starbucks is now going to start selling pizza in their chain — and it’s actually really good according to Thrillist‘s sources.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that slices of pizza will be next to your favorite breakfast pastries.

It turns out, Starbucks’ partnership with high-end Italian chain Princi will be the first move to bring the Italian bakery’s gourmet pizza to the States.

The new menu item will only be available at certain select locations in New York, Chicago, and Seattle — but nevertheless, this is a great opportunity to get some great pizza at your favorite coffee shop.

Credit: Shutterstock

So when can you expect these delicious changes to happen in your city? The company plans on rolling them out in early 2017 (just in time to reward yourself for keeping your New Year’s Resolutions?). But here’s to embracing unexpected combos in the new year.