Jill Layton
Updated May 31, 2016 @ 1:01 pm
Credit: Shutterstock

Memorial Day is over, and that means summer as unofficially started. Officially, it starts June 20/21, but we all know Memorial Day is the real summer kickoff.

Last year, Starbucks introduced Cold Brew drinks, which were of course our new obsession. They offered a new way to “experience cold coffee that’s crafted in small batches and slow-steeped for a naturally sweet, smooth flavor.”

So to celebrate summer ALMOST being here, Starbucks has announced two new Cold Brew coffees, and they sound incredible.

Nitro Cold Brew

Credit: Starbucks

A cold-brew coffee “infused with nitrogen for a smooth, creamy texture.” This mouth-watering coffee is served right out of the tap, unsweetened and without ice.

“We start with a small, chilled keg of Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee,” Starbucks Coffee team parter Anthony Carroll said in a press release. “Then it’s infused with nitrogen, which unlocks the super-smooth, natural sweetness of the Cold Brew coffee, which then cascades from the tap with a velvety texture you can see and taste.”

The coffee sounds like it’s straight out of a romance novel. It’s basically what dreams are made of.

Vanilla Sweet Cream Brew

Credit: Starbucks

A cold-brew coffee served with ice and topped with splash of house-made vanilla sweet cream. Yes forever.

Both of the new Cold Brew coffees will be available in the U.S. and Canada this summer.