Rachel Leishman
July 29, 2017 11:01 am

The Starbucks Secret Menu can be the source of many a hang up for employees. But now, this Twitter user proves that she can have some fun with it — by creating a fake Starbucks Frappuccino, and convincing everyone it’s real.

For those who don’t know, the Starbucks Secret Menu is filled with tons of delicious options for lovers of the brand to try. And if a secret menu drink becomes popular enough, then it might be added to the not-secret menu!

Now, that’s not what 17-year-old Layla is trying to do. On Twitter, Layla shared an ingenious trick. Basically, she takes pictures of Gatorade in Starbucks cups and tells everyone that they’re secret menu Frappuccinos.

And her followers believe it!

But don’t run out and try and order one of these at Starbucks, because the employees will probably just give you a weird look and send you on your way. Basically, Layla began sharing her made-up drink on Snapchat. She told Buzzfeed that she figured her friends would ask her what it was and then she’d just make up a name. Like “Frappajappajooza.”

And thus the hilarity ensued. Layla’s followers on Twitter praised her prank, but who knows what her friends think about it? Especially if they end up going to Starbucks and trying to order one.

But now, as one of her followers points out, Layla is pretty famous because of it. So the joke’s up, unless her friends still go try and order a Frappajappajooza.

Honestly though? It looks like a pretty cool drink from the picture that she shared! It’s light, it has a nice color, and we know that Starbucks likes to get creative with its drinks (hello, Unicorn Frappuccino). And even the more “normal” flavors, like vanilla, are Intagram-worthy:

Now, in light of the buzz Layla’s fake drink is getting, maybe they’ll even make a Frappajappajooza in her honor!

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens with her Frappajappajooza. Maybe Gatorade will get involved!