Gina Florio
Updated Mar 07, 2017 @ 12:38 pm

There’s a new addition to the Starbucks menu that has people freaking out. It’s called the Cookie Butter Bar, and Starbucks claims it’s the perfect treat for “cookie purists.” It’s made with Speculoos cookies, crunchy cookie butter, and vanilla cream cheese icing. They may not be the most aesthetically beautiful snacks Starbucks has created (they actually look quite plain), but they might be the tastiest things Starbucks fans have ever eaten. false

The Cookie Butter Bar was released a few weeks ago without any hoopla or even an announcement. The gingerbread flavor of the Speculoos cookie paired with the vanilla icing is making people go wild. Here’s what they have to say about Starbucks’s newest treat.

This is serious, indeed. The Cookie Butter Bar is only $2.75, yet it seems to produce a level of happiness no money can buy. Apparently, the key to enjoying a Cookie Butter Bar is eating it when it’s cold, so don’t waste any time to chomp into it after the barista hands it over.

Starbucks has been stepping up their game lately when it comes to snacks and secret drinks, so we can’t say we’re surprised the Cookie Butter Bar is such a big hit. It’s basically a crunchy cookie pie converted into an on-the-go bar. What could possibly go wrong? All we can think about now are the drinks that will arise out of the Cookie Butter Bar concept. Maybe a Cookie Butter latte? A Cookie Butter Frap? We have faith in you, Starbucks.