Starbucks has become a lifeline for those of us coffee-dependent addicts.We know our orders, we love our favorites: we have our routine down. However, it looks like someone has come up with a way of making the experience of shopping there even more rewarding. This Starbucks barista draws incredible caricatures on cups so fast they’re done before the coffee is ready!

Before you can even begin to complain about having to wait for your drink, a customized container appears. All thanks to one awesome barista named Jason Tocewicz. A figure so awesome, people come to his Starbucks specifically to watch him work. Just look at the work he’s done so far!

How it all began…

Jason Tocewicz has been making people’s days at a Toronto Starbucks by drawing incredible caricatures on cups for his customers. At first he was doing it just to help identify the person’s drink orders, but now, he uses it as stress relief.

Not only is this a very thoughtful thing he’s doing, Jason is also really good at drawing! Even if you don’t like coffee it would be worth to have someone draw you on a cup!

Drawing logistics

In addition to getting your order down, Jason starts drawing a caricature within 10-30 seconds. If it’s during normal business hours he will draw pretty elementary things. The moment he gets on his break, real arts start to happen.

Jason Tocewicz clearly has a soft spot for his co-workers and comic books. A pretty easy way to get promoted if you asked us! Don’t you wish your barista put as much effort into decorating a cup of joe for you? Honestly, it is super impressive that Jason takes the time and effort to personalize cups in this way. His incredible caricatures on cups has put him on the “greatest baristas of all time” list — for sure.