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Looking for something strangely relaxing to gaze at for hour? Give this spinning cake a try. A new stop-motion video that’s surfaced on Vimeo has started making the rounds on the Internet for being as perplexing as it is mesmerizing. It features a cake (a delicious chocolate cake, if I had to guess) and popcorn. And also some addicting popping and crunching. And also a cup of coffee with a face. Interested yet?

The video is titled “Melting POP,” and was created by French user Alexandre Dubosc. This isn’t his first cake-spinning video, let alone his first stop motion, but this is arguably his most intricate. What’s different about Dubosc’s stop-motion videos is the technique. While traditional animation is created using a series of different images in fast succession, Dubosc draws, molds, or constructs each stage of the animation around the circumference of the cake. When it spins fast enough, the pieces blend together into one moving image, and one crazy cake.

While the idea is cool, it’s hard to imagine what first inspired Dubosc to create such an out-there piece. Like any good artist, it seems, the ideas just fall into his head. He explains:

While it sounds like this would be a long, complicated process, in a recent interview, Dubosc said finds beauty in the difficulties of creating his work. “My cakes are full of imperfections,” he explains. “There are fingerprints, additional thicknesses and animation is not quite regular…it is human; people feel it.”

Well, we certainly don’t see any imperfections here. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to watch this over and over again because I truly don’t think I can look away.

(Image via Vimeo)