Impress your friends with this classy AF spiced pear spritzer

You know those nights when you want to treat you and your friends to a fancy drink but you don’t want to actually leave your house? Now you can create a refreshing, CLASSY AF spiced pear spritzer – yeah, just the word spritzer emits so much class – in your very own kitchen.

What does a spiced pear spritzer entail, you may ask. We’re talking pear purée, we’re talking cloves, we are talking SPRIGS OF ROSEMARY. Sprigs!! Your friends won’t know what hit ’em. They will probably start nick-naming your house “the spa.”

Prepare to drink with your pinky out; Here is the full recipe for your new favorite drink.

Simple Syrup


1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup water
1 tbsp whole cloves
1 tsp whole allspice
2 sprigs rosemary


Place all ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil, stirring.
Immediately remove from heat when pot begins to boil.
Let stand 30 minutes.
Strain, and chill.

Pear Purée


2 pears (peeled, chopped)
1 tbsp rosemary


Place everything in a blender and blend until smooth.

Drink Assembly


1 1/2 oz of puree
1 oz syrup
1/2 oz lemon juice
3/4 oz ginger beer
Club soda


Add puree, syrup, lemon, and ginger beer in a cup.
Stir until mixed.
Add ice and top with club soda.

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