If there is one universal truth about mankind, it’s that we’ll always find a way to innovate our snacks. And right now, we’re obsessed with the spaghetti donut.

Once you think you’ve seen the newest, weirdest food invention, there’s inevitably another one. This, of course, makes total sense to us. Snacks are the glue that holds society together. Where would we be without delicious food creations?

Created by eatery Pop Pasta, spaghetti donuts seriously look like the best.

According to the Pop Pasta website, this is how the wonderful creation came to be:

So apparently, this is a take on spaghetti pie, but more portable and somehow more delightful. While some people are not on board with the snack, we’re all for it. We love spaghetti and we love donuts. Why not love both? Especially since this is a savory snack that you can bring anywhere, we’re all about it. They sound super delicious and are probably amazing for picnics or festivals.

Plus, just look how cool they look.

If you’re a NYC based HelloGiggles reader, rejoice! You can find Pop Pasta and their spaghetti donuts at the Smorgasburg food market. So no need to wait to get your spaghetti donut on, just head down to the market.