There are some McDonald’s in this country that feature granite counter-tops. “This is the height of luxury!” some people have probably uttered! UNTIL NOW!

There’s a Burger King in Finland that has a SAUNA and other spa amenities INSIDE the fast food restaurant. Because there’s nothing we want to do more than sit inside a sweaty hut with people we’ve met at a fast food restaurant after consuming a 1,200 calorie meal!

According to the website (that we translated via Google), the spa is a great activity for, “a group of friends for social gatherings, work, or birthday parties.” The spa features showers, robes, and a sauna. You can even eat INSIDE the sauna, which also includes a flat screen TV and a Playstation console. It basically sounds like a college dorm but at a really hot temperature.


However, this isn’t THAT strange, seeing as spas and saunas are a huge part of Finnish culture. There are approximately three million saunas in Finland. Finland loves a sauna!

If this is something you’re into and plan on visiting the city of Helsinki, you can reserve your space in the sauna with their online booking system. This is a legitimate spa! A legitimate spa inside a Burger King! WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!