Brittany Boyd
August 07, 2016 10:33 am
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Sofia Vergara: she’s talented, gorgeous, funny, and down-to-Earth. And, like most of us, she enjoys posting pictures of her food on Instagram.

“I love to eat and that’s like my hobby. That’s what I do with my friends, my fiancé with my son. So eating is a very important part of my social life.”

Here she is after chowing down on too much barbeque. Ah, she’s exhibiting signs of the all too familiar food coma. We’ve all been there.

In addition to her love of main courses, Vergara also enjoys dessert! But, who doesn’t?

That cotton candy looks pretty delicious!

It’s such a shame that her director gives her cupcakes, too. Oh, the humanity!

Having had her share of desserts, Sofia isn’t safe from buyer’s remorse when it comes to having something subpar. This shaved ice, for instance.

This is the face of disappointment, folks. This shaved ice came home with a D on its report card and Sofia is not impressed. AND WE DO NOT LET DOWN SOFIA VERGARA.

No worries for Vergara, though. If her Instagram proves anything, it’s that there’s always room for other desserts!