Bianca Xunise
Updated Feb 19, 2015 @ 11:00 am

Although I have had my Instagram account for over three years now, I still find myself fumbling about what are likable pictures and what will cause a mass exodus of my follower count. Pictures of ferns? Well received! Pictures of snow? That’s a slippery slope. Pictures of snow with duck bill boots? Bring on the likes! I’m learning to stop myself from becoming a mass curator who omits a snapshot of friends because it’s not picture perfect. It’s OK for things to be blurry and not to have a studio-white background. And it’s ALWAYS OK for me to be the only one who loves my pictures, Instagram is a place to share what’s special to me, which may not always be special to everyone else.

However, I will admit that I’ll never understand how a picture of coffee will always bring legions of likes—visual caffeine stimulus? Who knows, maybe we all just really like coffee.