Picture of Blue Smurf Latte
Credit: voravana/Instagram

Cold brew. Broccoli coffee. Recycled coffee. It seems like every week there’s a new way to get our caffeine fix with each one trendier (and often healthier) than the last. But the latest coffee contender to step into the ring is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Meet the blue latte.

This smurf-colored latte was created by Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne. Even though it was only introduced last Saturday, it’s already proving to be a hit.

It’s made with ginger, lemon, coconut milk, agave, and blue algae powder.

ICYMI, the blue latte doesn’t actually contain any coffee (despite its name). But with all those incredibly healthy ingredients, there’s no doubt it likely still gives you tons of energy. And while people seem to be raving about its antioxidant properties, there’s totally a chance people are just ordering it just to take the perfect Insta pic. Which is understandable because just look at this thing.

This blue algae concoction may not taste like you’d expect from your typical “latte.” After all, it’s really more like a juice than a coffee. And people Nic Davidson, the owner at Matcha Mylkbar described clarified that people really shouldn’t expect a traditional latte taste. He said, “Obviously you wouldn’t want to be scoffing down blue algae straight, quite an acquired taste, but the drink is really interesting.” He also added that, “You can definitely taste the agave and the lemon. It’s a quite sweet and ‘soury’ kind of taste … but it’s a difficult to explain taste — everyone thinks it’s different.”

Basically it’s as unique as the Smurfs it reminds us of (and also as delightful… at least for your health).