Emily Baines
May 19, 2016 9:51 am

If you grew up in the ’90s, there’s a good chance you either owned or seriously coveted some beautiful bottles of sand art. The bottles full of layers of colorful sand were just so cool, so colorful, so mysterious.

Now the beauty of sand art is back — but in edible form.

Smoothie stacks are the new form of food art, and Instagram has the colorful photos to prove it. The concept is simple: Artists (or just creative foodies) pour different sets of smoothies into the same glass so that the colors sit on top of each other, forming multiple layers. And they look awesome. Below are some of our favorite Instagrams of this new food trend! Now we all want these smoothies, stat.

This looks more like a fancy dessert than a healthy smoothie!

There’s no need to go somewhere tropical when you can simply make this drink at home!

With this smoothie, you can literally taste the rainbow.

A green smoothie with an ombré twist!

The color palette for smoothie stack is perfect for a princess birthday party.

These Neapolitan smoothies are made extra adorable in these cute bottles.

And when the smoothie colors mix, the result is still magical.

Now, that’s a lot of smoothie.

Some folks get extra fancy and add layers of fruit in between the layers of smoothie.

Added accoutrements, like fun straws, spice up this already colorful trend.

Even in muted tones, the smoothie stacks are gorgeous.