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Just when we thought we had figured out all the cool things we could do with chocolate… along comes a new cool thing we can do with chocolate.

As Japanese news site Rocket24 reports, Japanese chocolatier Bourbon has come out with “sliced chocolate” which is basically Kraft singles- but chocolate.

Yes, this is real life. And everybody’s excited. And yes, “everybody” most definitely includes Pee-wee Herman:

So what can you do with chocolate slices besides put them on sliced bread and eat the sandwich of your dreams?

Bourbon knows that we’re overwhelmed by the possibilities, so they’re doing us a solid by providing us with a handful of suggestions:

You can nom them inside crepes and pretend you’ve taken your chocolate slices on a fancy, all-expense-paid trip to Paris:

You can eat them on crackers, and your charcuterie plate will never look the same, and that will be a good thing:

You can cookie cutter them into hearts and stars and flower shapes (#protip: chocolate really likes when you do this):

You can make dessert sushi:

The slices are currently sold out (because of course they are), but you can keep refreshing Bourbon’s website here to see when they’re back in stock (and the site is in Japanese, so, unless you’re fluent, use Google Chrome and hit the “translate” button up top). It’s 26 bucks for a bulk order of 60 slices, you can figure out some use for 60 slices of chocolate, can’t you? Shhhhhh, of course you can.

(Images via Bourbon/Twitter)