Fun fact: Olympians also like absurd desserts! Take it from Simone Biles, who found dessert bagels. Yes, they are real, and totally extreme.

When you think of Olympic athletes, you probably think: hard worker, fit body, and crazy training schedule. All of these are totally accurate.

What you might not think about is cheat days and extreme desserts.

Come to find out, professional athletes are a LOT more like us than you ever thought…at least when it comes to eating treats. Okay, we can’t speak for all athletes, but Olympic gymnast Simone Biles LOVES her desserts, and we totally get it.

On Saturday, the 20-year-old athlete uncovered a crazy, cool dessert that we never knew existed.

She indulged in a dessert unlike any other…the dessert bagel!

Yes, bagels can be sweet, and they’re not just a breakfast item. Trust us, these crazy treats are NOT your average on-the-go breakfast. They are SO much more than that.

These look SO good and a little outrageous, don’t you think?

From what we can tell, one of the bagels has flaming hot Cheetos it in. Seriously? It’s insane. Another one has a full-on cookie in the middle of it. If you’re going to give into your sweet tooth, why not go all in, right? The third tasty concoction has Oreos as its surprise center, and we want to try it ASAP.

These creations are from the Bagel Nook in New Jersey.

See a few more of their treats below:

BRB, planning a dessert bagel vacation because we NEED to try these.