Anna Gragert
Updated February 23, 2016
TeesAndTankYouShop / Etsy

Since 2016 seems to be going by at the speed of light, one extra awesome (extra green) holiday is fast approaching: St. Patrick’s Day! And you know what that means…

Shamrock Shakes! *throws four-leaf clovers in the air and immediately regrets it because those things are hard to find*


With its creamy texture, minty flavor, whipped cream goodness, and juicy cherry on top, it’s no wonder why McDonald’s Shamrock Shake has a cult following. I mean…

With that being said, Etsy has naturally begun to prepare for this momentous, minty occasion with a ton of Shamrock Shake-themed merch. Now, we hate to say it, but these items may replace your fave “Kiss me, I’m Irish” classic tee…

Not only does this sweatshirt ($17.99+) look like the definition of comfort, it also makes Shamrock Shakes look as though they’re made with leprechaun magic:

TeesAndTankYouShop / Etsy

Honestly, SAME ($15.99):

RyottDesigns / Etsy

Because we’re always up for a stellar baseball tee ($15.99+):

TeesAndTankYouShop / Etsy

These stickers ($2.65) may be made for your planner, but we’d be down to stick them, oh, I don’t know… EVERYWHERE:

SprinkledPug / Etsy

This adorable item ($12) is made with “yarn, thread, and love!” – so we’re basically crying tears of cuteness right now:

LadyChiefFabricArts / Etsy

Why yes, we would indeed like a deodorant ($9.75) that makes our armpits to smell like “pure peppermint and yummy, creamy vanilla!!”

LuckyGirlBoutique / Etsy

Oddly enough, we’d also like this scent on our lips ($3.75)…

EpicallyEpicSoap / Etsy

In our shower, courtesy of a “scrumpdillishcious” soap ($4.75)…

LuckyGirlBoutique / Etsy

And all over our homes ($10+):

Update: We’ve fallen down an Etsy Shamrock Shake rabbit hole and we never want to leave this pepperminty palace.