Daryl Lindsey
November 01, 2016 4:38 pm

Experts say dark chocolate is good for you, but some people just can’t get past the taste. Luckily for those people, scientists have found a way to make milk chocolate as healthy as dark chocolate.

Using peanut skins, researchers from North Carolina State University created an antioxidant-rich sweet powder to mix with milk chocolate — which isn’t the first time that scientists have tried improving the health benefits of chocolate.

The powder’s anti-inflammatory properties give milk chocolate the same health benefits as dark chocolate without compromising on its decadent, creamy taste.


When put to a taste test, chocolate with the added powder fared just as well as normal chocolate. Testers said the chocolate didn’t take on a peanut flavor, despite the powder’s peanut content.

Researchers didn’t test the chocolate for allergens, so consumers with peanut allergies should be careful to avoid the enhanced candy once it hits shelves. Which, admittedly, won’t be for a while: Scientists only published the preliminary results last month, meaning a tangible product is a long time coming.

Still, we are READY.