Dasha Fayvinova
September 03, 2016 12:17 pm
Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Just in case you weren’t worried enough about this planet’s health and well-being, the following news might be the push you need to start. Chocolate is in danger, and you might see it disappear in your lifetime. Luckily, scientists have found a way to solve the great chocolate shortage and will have you believing that magic is real.

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The chocolate shortage is caused by a few factors. The changing global climate is causing crop failures, the genetic modification of the plants is damaging cocoa plants, and demand for chocolate is growing each day. Chocolate is amazing. It can turn your day from bad to good, make your milk go from boring to amazing, and is the best type of dessert on this planet. That’s why hearing that we might not be able to have it is terrible news.

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Lucky for us, science is magic realized. A recent study published in Scientific Reports detailed the potential use of a wild mango as a substitute for cocoa extract. Houston, we have a solution! The paper explained that mango butter was found to have very similar properties (chemical, physical and thermal) to cocoa butter. That means that you can possibly switch the two and still have an amazing final product.

Basically, what we are saying is that all money should be sent to the chocolate scientists for further research. We cannot loose our chocolate!