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Ideally you want a nonstick or well seasoned cast-iron pan for this, which you want to set over medium heat. Hit it with cooking spray, ghee/clarified butter, or a light brushing of canola oil. Regular butter will burn, so don’t bother. Remember you’re putting butter on top of these things anyway, so it’s not like you’re going to be missing out.

This is the moment you’ve been training for

But you’re having a panic attack because you don’t know how to get the batter into the pan without making a mess. First, be confident in knowing that you didn’t make a huge mistake passing up the opportunity to buy a $20 batter squeeze bottle at a kitchen supply store. Between those guys and Aunt Jemima, you’ve been getting played in the pancake game for years.

Ladle some batter into a measuring cup with a pourable spout, then pour pancakes of any size you desire into the pan. They don’t have to all be the same size, either. So much stress is just melting away right now. You are free from the clutches of those corporate monsters in Big Pancake.

Fancy stuff happens now

This is the moment you add blueberries, chocolate chips, crumbled bacon or whatever else to your pancakes by placing them evenly across the raw tops. A personal favorite is sprinkling over a generous amount of vanilla sugar—when they’re flipped the sugar caramelizes for creme brulee-ish pancakes.

Know when to flip

Don’t poke, don’t touch. You do that and they’ll break apart and stick to the pan. Resist your fiddlin’ urges and stand back so they have time to set up. When you see bubbles popping up through the time, gently slide a spatula underneath and flip. The second side will cook very quickly, so let it do its thing for about a minute before you lift it up and give it a peek, then move to a plate when you’re happy with what you see.

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Hold your horses

Before you put your next batch in, give the pan 30 seconds to come back to temp. Brush a little oil back on. Continue to make pancakes while you eat the previous pancakes standing over the stove with your bare hands.

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