Credit: Disney

1. When Belle takes her tiny taste of the Grey Stuff

Credit: Disney

Oh, come on, Belle. No one is that good at taking a tiny dollop of frosting.

2. The milk and sugar poured in to Belle’s bowl of oatmeal

Credit: Disney

Admit it, you could watch the milk hit the oatmeal and sugar piles allllll daaaaaaay.

3. These way-too-perfect cupcakes

Credit: Disney

These Tangled cupcakes were probably baked by a world renowned master chef, who has mastered the art of frosting.

4. Snow White’s cutting off the pie crust

Credit: Disney

Yeah, sure, Snow White is the fairest of them all, but we really need to talk about her impeccable pie making skills, and how she, in one simple swoop, manages to cut away all the excess pie topping.

5. These birds crimping the edge of the pie

Credit: Disney

If synchronized baking was an Olympic sport, these birds would win Gold.

6. And these forest creatures frosting a pie

Credit: Disney

And the birds can just perfectly spell out the word GRUMPY? Humans can’t even do that!

7. The biscuit dipping action

Credit: Disney

Raise your hand if you used to try to copy this moment from the Aristocats as a child, and failed every time.

8. The leaning tower of cheese-a

Credit: Disney

Don’t try this Goofy Movie moment at home because for you, a non-cartoon character, it will end in nothing but a mess.

9. Pudge’s swimming with his peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Credit: Disney

Why does Pudge the fish from Lilo & Stitch have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Because he can predict the weather, duh.

10. All of Ratatouille

Credit: Ratatouille

You will never ever be able to crack an egg like that yourself. Might as well watch it on repeat.

11. Alice grabbing the mushroom pieces

Credit: Disney

Wonderland is magical, sure. But pulling off two perfect mushroom triangles, like it’s no big deal? Those triangles are so… triangle-y, and look like a soft cake you want to chew on.

12. Aladdin’s loaf of bread

Credit: Disney

It looks so perfectly baked: Crunchy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside, and so so round.

13. Kevin biting the chocolate bar

Credit: Disney/Pixar

Kevin’s a bird, and Kevin has a beak, and Kevin takes the most perfectly portioned pieces of chocolate in Up.

14. Anna’s ability to daintily stuff chocolate in her face

Credit: Disney

Only Princess Anna could shove half a dozen truffles pieces into her mouth without smearing chocolate absolutely everywhere.

15. Ralph gifting his super round and shiny red cherry

Credit: Disney

Have you ever seen such a shiny, round, juicy cherry with an intact pit before? No, because they don’t exist.