Brittany Boyd
February 25, 2017 10:49 am
Arkasha Stevenson/Miami Herald/MCT via Getty Images

Salmon can be prepared in a variety of ways: oven-baked, grilled, pan-fried, used in sushi… And apparently, you can also cook salmon in the dishwasher!

Move over, oven. The dishwasher is here to take all the glory.

Dishwashers are for, well, washing dishes, but according to Spoon U and Teen Vogue, you can use your dishwasher to cook salmon, too. Although it may be a little strange, preparing salmon this way works!

It doesn’t take up a lot of your time, either. Dishwasher-cooked salmon takes just 15 minutes of prep time, plus 45 minutes to a little over an hour of dishwasher time, depending on the efficiency of your dishwasher.

To make dishwasher salmon, you put salmon, veggies, herbs, and olive oil in aluminum foil. Next, you fold the aluminum foil up securely to keep out the water. Then, you place the foil packet in the top rack of your dishwasher. Finally, you run the dishwasher at its highest setting, with heated dry on.

Oh yeah, and NO SOAP.

So even though it sounds a little weird, dishwasher salmon is actually just a different way of making steamed salmon — and people have been preparing salmon in the dishwasher for decades.

You can read the full recipe over at Teen Vogue if you’d like to try it out yourself, and there are plenty of other dishwasher salmon recipes out there, too!

What do you guys think? Are you ready to try dishwasher salmon? Let us know in the comments!