Ryan Gosling lattes have his beautiful face in foam, and we’ll take five, please

Everyone loves Ryan Gosling. But did you know that you can now buy a latte with Ryan Gosling’s face on it? Well, you can. And everyone should get one. Especially Harry Styles, whose heart raced when he saw a picture of Gosling.

Now, if you actually want to see the real Ryan, you can watch him host the premiere of Saturday Night Live on September 30th. Or you can wait until Blade Runner 2049 comes out. Or you can just go get these lattes and watch as you drink the beauty that is Ryan.

Who doesn’t want to drink Noah Calhoun?

Carrera Cafe in Los Angeles has been putting quotes and images on their lattes for quite some time. But now you can get “Hey Girl” quotes with Ryan’s face on them. And yes, we are so into this development.

Ryan Gosling on your latte and our goat cheese salad for lunch? What else do you need?

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Really, who doesn’t want to just stare at Gosling’s face for an entire drink?

Come and get your Ripple on! Try our newest ripple with Ryan Gosling 💋

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Ryan Gosling has said himself that he doesn’t know where the “Hey Girl” meme came from, but we’re not complaining. It is inspiring to know that fake Ryan Gosling believes in us, and now we can believe that he is there while we start our mornings with a latte. Or you could just hold up a picture of Gosling and stare at him while you drink, but where is the fun in that? Instead, go check out Carrera Cafe and get that amazing morning beverage.

And, okay, fine, if you don’t like Ryan Gosling, here are some of their other lattes:

Jim Halpert from the Office:

Raise your hand if you also love the Office! ✋️

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Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks:

Minnie and Mickey Mouse:

His and Hers! 💕

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And plenty of slogans and cute doodles:

We couldn't agree more! ✌🏼

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Wouldn’t it be great if Ryan Gosling drank a Ryan Gosling latte? (That’d be one meme we couldn’t get enough of.) For now, we’ll just have to enjoy our coffee while staring into the blue (or latte-colored) eyes of our very own Lars.

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