Picture it: You’ve just hit the big 3-5, the moment where you can no longer claim to be in your “early 30s.” You’ve had to get all gussied up on your birthday and head out to a work event. How exactly do you want to celebrate the waning moments of your birthday? Well, if you’re super-actor Ryan Gosling, the answer is not with a wild party and night on the town. Speaking to Us Weekly, the full-grown Goose simply said, “I’m just going to go home and have some cake!”

We’ve got to give props to Gosling, who chatted about his plans at the AFIFest premiere of his new film, The Big Short. Huge birthday celebrations can be a blast, but let’s not forget this leading man in his mid-thirties has something even better to get home to, his long-term partner Eva Mendez and their 14-month old daughter, Esmeralda. As glamorous as the silver screen life can be, can we really blame him for wanting to ditch the premiere and hurry back to such a sweet pair at home?

But hey girl, a night of rest and frosting wasn’t the only thing Gosling had planned for his big day. Earlier on Thursday, the dashing Scorpio had a little birthday request of his followers: to watch a video of Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Ryan, no stranger to political activism, tweeted out a video that’s sure to make you Feel the Bern: Sanders, at a campaign rally, spoke to a Muslim student greatly concerned about the growing Islamophobia in the Republican campaign. Sanders immediately waved her onstage for a hug and talked about his commitment to ending racism.

We’ll indulge his birthday request by “retweeting” here:

Though Gosling later tweeted that he didn’t mean to specifically push for Sanders as a candidate, he greatly appreciated the sentiment behind it.

So, okay, let’s recap: Gosling spent his birthday supporting a message of tolerance and peace, got gorgeous and took a red-carpet walk for an illuminating film about the financial crisis, then hurried home to his partner and daughter for some cake? This never-ugly duckling has certainly grown up to be a beautiful swan.

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